Evoke Images is owned and operated by Sean Brubaker, a seasoned professional photographer with more than 30 years of experience in the field. With a tenure as the digital corporate photographer for a global Fortune 500 company, Sean’s expertise ranges from the attention to detail required for high-end product photography to the vision for scouting locales that can used on multiple levels for teams and their clients around the world.

As a native Coloradoan located in Loveland, Colorado, Sean has established an impressive clientele not only in the business world but also, more importantly, as a digital artist himself. He is the chosen photographer for many of the sculptors and artists who make their home here but whose reach is far beyond. When creating works of art that bring the attention of international art collectors, it is vital to ensure that the photography also meets the same level of artistry and expertise that the works themselves demand.

With a deep well-rounded knowledge but approachable manner, and a passion to realize the clients’ needs, Sean strives to capture that sweet spot in the marriage of artistry and technical prowess. Ready to raise your brand’s image to the next level? Evoke Images is here to make you shine. Contact Sean today for a complimentary informational meeting.



Sean would love to talk about your project. Simply fill out the form below or email him for a complimentary information gathering meeting and/or estimate. Sean will always respond to project inquiries within 2 business days or less.

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Every project is unique with its own timelines, constraints and number of shots and people who might need to be involved. Professional photography is not only our service and expertise, it’s our passion. We’ll work with you on your budget to get it right so you can have the quality product you need and get back to doing what you do best!